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Supply Procedures
Regulations & Publications
  Engineer Regulation 700-1-1 Engineer Regulation 700-1-1
  Army Regulation 735-5 Army Regulation 735-5
  Army Regulation 710-2 Army Regulation 710-2
Property Policy & Information
  Standard Business Process Standard Business Process
  Command Supply Discipline Program Command Supply Discipline Program
  Inventory of Personal Property Inventory of Personal Property
  CSDP Checklist CSDP Checklist
  CSDP Checklist Property Accounting Thresholds
Frequently Asked Questions
  Supplies & Equipment Supplies & Equipment
  Hand Receipt Holder Hand Receipt Holder
  Property Transfers Property Transfers
  Property Turn-ins Property Turn-ins
  Inventories Inventories
  Report of Survey FLIP Reports


Additional Supply Management Information can be located on the Logisitcs Activity Center's Website: