Environmental planning services are provided by the Fort Worth District through Environmental Resources Branch in the PER Division. Environmental Resources Branch has a well rounded interdisciplinary staff of professionals in the fields of wildlife and fisheries biology, forestry, archeology, historic architecture, geology, and environmental engineering. These environmental professionals support the District and it's customers with their responsibilities for resource stewardship and compliance with environmental and cultural resources laws.

Every effort is made to achieve a balance between use of in-house staff and contract capability in meeting our customers needs. In addition to the in-house capability identified above, the Branch retains significant contract capability. These contracts include several broad discipline Professional Services Indefinite Quantity (IDQ) Contracts. Additional Professional Services contracts are in-place specifically to support cultural resources efforts. All of these Professional Services contracts are available for field surveys, technical evaluations, studies, and reports.

Customers supported by the Environmental Resources Branch are as varied as the capabilities that the Branch maintains. Memorandums of Agreement are maintained with several Major Commands to provide natural and cultural resources support. Agreements are in-place with the US Air Force Air Combat Command for worldwide support ranging from preparation of Environmental Impact Statements for major force-structure changes or munitions/weapon system programs to Environmental Assessments on minor construction and cultural resource support to installations nationwide.

The branch also provides environmental planning support to the Engineering and Construction Office (ECSO) which operates under a MOA with the Department of Homeland Security to provide project management, engineering, and construction services for border protection activities.

Types of environmental planning services performed by the Branch for it's customers, including appropriate coordination with the public and Local, State, and Federal agencies, are as follows:

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