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Planning Section

Water Resources Planning.

Real Property Master Planning.

Military Programming / DD139.


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Technical Services Section

Technical Services Section provides a wide range of services supporting virtually all of the Corps missions and objectives using a diverse workforce including economists, geographers, physical scientists, cartographers, engineers, registered professional lands surveyors, geographic information systems specialists, engineering technicians, information technology specialists, as well as utilizing numerous service and architect-engineer contractors.  The services provided are briefly described below. 

            Survey and Mapping.  The section has the capability to provide a wide range of survey and mapping services and products using architect-engineer contractors.   Services and products include aerial photography, topography and planimetrics using LIDAR, photogrammetric, and field surveys, utility surveys, natural resource surveys, and boundary (metes and bounds) surveys.  We also have expertise in the utilization of map and survey grade GPS units. 

            Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The section has the capability to perform a wide range of GIS functions including collecting, storing, retrieving, and viewing various types of geospatial data; database development and maintenance, analyzing geospatial data using standard or custom applications and programs on both a desktop and web-based platforms; and producing custom maps, displays, and other visual media.  In addition to completing large, complex, project specific studies and projects, the GIS analysts provide technical guidance and assistance to GIS users throughout the District, and implement national, regional, and local  enterprise GIS objectives. 

            Geospatial Infrastructure.  The section is responsible for the planning, development, acquisition, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of the District’s servers, external storage, tape libraries, and appurtenant equipment used to store and access geospatial data.  In addition, the section is responsible for the planning, acquisition, and installation of geospatial software and monitoring software usage including Bentley Microstation (including ProjectWise and BIM), ESRI, and associated software products as well as the migration to the latest software versions and applications.

            Economic and Socio-Economic Analyses.  Economic and socio-economic analyses are completed supporting the civil works and military project authorization and appropriation.  The types of analyses include flood risk management, recreation supply, demand, and benefit analyses, project economic performance analyses, social impact analyses, economic development analyses, water supply and demand analyses, and life cycle cost analyses. 

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