Supervises and manages all activities and functions of the Planning, Environmental and Regulatory Division with four technical branches. Responsible for District's Civil Works planning function and Regulatory program, environmental and cultural support programs, geospatial analysis, and other investigations (i.e. master planning, economic analyses, environmental studies and cultural resources investigations), and for design and remedial activities associated with HTRW materials. Provides planning and compliance support of District Civil Works, Military and Support for others programs. Facilitates delivery of environmental and other planning products to all customers within geographic boundaries, and, upon agreement, those outside geographic boundaries, either directly, by contract or by coordinating installation needs with other districts.

Civil Works responsibilities include leading the District's planning process and production and delivery of all planning documents. Responsibilities also include special analyses support, advice on water resources issues and other environmental aspects for all District activities. Military work responsibilities include management and execution of environmental engineering design and planning activities for the Army, Marines, Air Force and other Government agencies. Manages the General Regulatory Functions appropriation, administering Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Responsible for laboratory investigations and materials and chemistry test support for civil works, military and support for others projects for all SWD districts.

Environmental Design Branch

Environmental Resources Branch

Regulatory Branch

Planning Branch